Brand & Marketing

Our Brand

Here at LUU, we work for students. They know us and trust us. So when they see stuff coming from us, they need to know it’s from their Union. That’s why our brand is so important.

More than a visual identity, it’s everything we say and do. By communicating consistently, we can help people understand what we stand for and make sure we come across as professional, genuine and believable. Our brand guidelines set out some rules and guidelines to help us get it right.

You can use the links on this page to look like us and sound like us when talking to students.

If you have any questions at all about the brand or how you can incorporate fun elements into your area of work, please contact the Marketing team.

LUU Brand Guidelines

We’ve developed this staff brand guide to help us keep our brand strong and consistent. Not only does it detail why we rebranded in 2016, it also outlines how we should look and sound, setting out a framework that has some rules but still ensures we can have lots of fun. We have a logo, a bunch of ways to use it, some bright colours, some fun photography styles, a smart typeface and a friendly tone of voice. All these things combined make us look and sound like us.

Branded Google Templates

There’s a bunch of templates available to you to ensure that all our messages look consistent but if you need additional templates, images or communications to deliver your message to our members, then please contact one of our coordinators.

Below you can find Google templates in our main brand and all three of our strands; Student Life, Student Activities and Student Representation. Remember to copy these files into your own Drive when you use them.

Directional Signage Templates

Directional landscape templates can be found here. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.

Temporary Signage Templates

Grab our branded signage documents from the links below. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.