Communications & Marketing

New approach for 2020/2021

We have established a new approach to brand, communications and marketing with the creation of two new teams:

  • Communications : Supporting the achievement of strategic communication objectives

  • Marketing : Delivery of campaigns that create brand awareness and support delivery of key messages

This page outlines the remit of the Marketing & Communications team, who to contact for what, and the process moving forward.

Contact Giulia Miccio ( for any NEW work.

Communications Team

TBC - Communications Manager -

Dan Nicklin - Content & New Media Coordinator

Overview of team:

On a yearly basis we will consult leaders, managers and teams about their communication/ engagement objectives for the year. These objectives will form the base of our annual communication & content plan.

2020/2021 objectives:

  1. To ensure 80% of 1st year students (who arrived in Sept) are aware of LUU by the end of the first term

  2. To ensure 80% of ALL students are aware of LUU

  3. To ensure 60% of ALL students have either visited the LUU building or engaged online through social media or via the website

  4. To ensure 70% of students understand LUU effectively represents their academic interests

  5. To ensure 80% of students are aware LUU provides the backing and support for club/society activity at the University of Leeds

  6. To ensure 60% of students are aware that any profit from food, drink, merchandise and event purchases at LUU is invested into student services like Help & Support and Club/society management

  7. To ensure 60% of staff are aware of and can articulate the 3x strategic impacts

  8. To ensure 60% of staff are aware of and can articulate LUU's cultural values

  9. To ensure 80% of students are aware that LUU offers jobs for students within the LUU building and through JobLink, LUU's temporary employment agency

  10. To ensure 60% of students are aware that LUU provides help and support if students are struggling with money, housing, mental health and academic studies

  11. To ensure 30% students consider LUU to be their 'third space' - not home, place of work, but a place to socialise, relax and meet friends

Delivery channels that can be used;

Campaign identity, Social Media, Video content, Print, Graphics, Podcasts, Face-to-face, Posters, PR, Blogs, Events, Giveaways, Leaflets, Experiences, External advertising, Commissioned student activity.

What type of work do the communications team do?

  • Annual Content plan - need something adding to the plan?

  • Social media communications - need a message pushing out?

  • Email communications - want something on the newsletter? View our student newsletter plan.

  • Exec communications requests - need assistance with an Exec request?

  • Event promotion communications - have an event you need promoting?

  • Other departments campaigns (e.g BHM, DHM)

  • Press engagement


In a nutshell, it is the Comms team you will find yourself working with if you have a message you need communicating to our students.

Marketing Team

Ela Hollies - Marketing Manager

Giulia Miccio - Project Coordinator

Data & Insight Coordinator – TBC

Chinomnso Chinedum - Research & Insight Assistant

Katie Gleeson - Copywriter

Danny More - Graphic Designer

Overview of team:

The Marketing team now focuses on key strategic campaigns such as LUU Brand Awareness & LeadLUU. Our Brand Awareness campaign involves spreading the word of who LUU is, what we offer, and how to get involved/in touch. Whereas prior to 2020, staff would approach the marketing team for all design, communication and marketing needs, the team now partners with internal LUU departments on a specific project/campaign basis.

What kind of work does the marketing team do?

  • Because you are involved in the delivery of a strategic campaigns (e.g brand awareness)

  • Graphic requests not connected with campaigns/communications – e.g: menus, signage, internal comms design

  • Website content

  • Data & insight to inform your area of operation


In a nutshell, it is more likely the marketing team will contact you about a strategic campaign involving your team, or as part of the scoping phase.

Key questions about the new approach

I have a request which includes social media and print, who do I contact?

Contact Giulia Miccio (

Who do I contact if I have an objective, but don't know if it needs communicating or marketing?

Contact Giulia Miccio (

I need some marketing/communications advice - who do I contact?

Contact Giulia Miccio (

Does this mean that marketing won’t design [x] for me?

It depends. If the request helps us to work towards an agreed communication objective, is an essential part of delivery of an LUU service, or is part of an agreed marketing campaign, then yes.

Contact Giulia Miccio (

Will each communication objective mean a marketing campaign?

No. For example, if the objective was “Ensure that when surveyed over 50% of students understood why the Black lives matter campaign existed”, potential activity could include:

  • For the activity period, LUU staff where black t-shirts and black students (only) receive free coffee, symbolising privilege denied in the past.

  • A member of the exec interviews a white colleague like ‘Uncomfortable conversations with a black man’:

The activity would then be to capture the activity (photos/video) and interview students as to how that made them feel and communicate that on our online channels.

What will we achieve with this new approach?

New and exciting ways to engage with our student members and partners.

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year already and there are still further challenges to come. This approach is designed to prioritise, direct and development our communication and marketing expertise so that we can create the relationship with our student members that will help them through their rollercoaster and help them see that through our activities, support services, bars and outlets, we are the organisation that will help them Love Their Time At Leeds.

Branding Downloads

This page originally include brand guidelines for staff and downloads. They are published below as before:

LUU Brand Guidelines

We’ve developed this staff brand guide to help us keep our brand strong and consistent. Not only does it detail why we rebranded in 2016, it also outlines how we should look and sound, setting out a framework that has some rules but still ensures we can have lots of fun. We have a logo, a bunch of ways to use it, some bright colours, some fun photography styles, a smart typeface and a friendly tone of voice. All these things combined make us look and sound like us.

Branded Google Templates

There’s a bunch of templates available to you to ensure that all our messages look consistent but if you need additional templates, images or communications to deliver your message to our members, then please contact one of our coordinators.

Below you can find Google templates in our main brand and all three of our strands; Student Life, Student Activities and Student Representation. Remember to copy these files into your own Drive when you use them.

Directional Signage Templates

Directional landscape templates can be found here. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.

Temporary Signage Templates

Grab our branded signage documents from the links below. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.