When it comes to ensuring we have enough funds in the bank to support our students, the finance team at LUU have got it sorted.

To ensure that we are fully compliant with the LUU financial procedures you will need to use the forms below.

If you are new to LUU you will need to read our Financial procedures as part of your induction.

Finance Forms

All of our Finance forms are available on Google Doc's as a Template this allows us to ensure that any details you place on the form are secure as the document is private only to you until you choose to share it.

Head over to our template gallery to get one of the following forms, you can also access this on your own Google Docs. If you do not have an LUU google account talk to your manager about getting one set up and ask them for the form you need.

The following forms are on Doc's templates:

  • Expense reclaim form

  • Cheque Request form

  • Customer Credit note request form

  • New customer form

  • Cash Advance form

  • Credit card request form

  • Customer invoice request form

  • New supplier form

  • Self Employment Declaration