Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

At LUU your health and wellbeing is very important to us. We encourage all our staff to look after themselves inside and outside of work. We have a vested interest in your health because it means healthier, happier staff at work.

Staying healthy and in shape doesn’t have to mean a dramatic overhaul of your life or spending hours on end on the treadmill. One of the key factors to your physical health and wellbeing is your lifestyle. The term lifestyle encompasses a variety of areas, but includes not only the way you eat and the exercise you do, but also the type of work you do and your pace of life. There are small things you can do inside of work to keep healthy too.

Take a lunch break!

Did you know that only 30% of UK workers take a proper lunch break? Not having a break from your desk is counter productive. It can lead to fatigue, eye strain, poor mental health, back problems and even putting on weight (remember you’re likely to eat more when you’re tired!) Why not eat your lunch in the staff room, go to the Old Bar for lunch with a friend or best of all go for a walk! Studies show that getting sunlight, fresh air and some exercise is proven to increase your afternoon performance because it improves your brain function. This is especially important in winter months, when many of us arrive and leave work in the dark.

Eat Well

Change For Life - Website

Be food smart with Change for Life, great for anyone who has kids and wants to change the whole families diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition and Wellbeing - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 4 weeks

Confused about all the complicated messages we get about food today, who can blame you we get told so many conflicting bits of information when it comes to the food we eat. Learn the scientific basis of human nutrition to help you make informed choices about your own diet and wellbeing.

Physical Exercise

The Edge - Website

The University of Leeds has a fantastic gym called 'The Edge' on campus. The complex includes a 200 station fitness suite, one of the largest at any UK university. As an LUU member of staff, you are entitled to use the Edge, You can either pay per visit or you can join on a staff membership where you pay a Direct Debit each month. So why not take advantage of having this facility so close to your workplace? For info on how to join, visit the University’s Sport and Physical Activity website. If the gym isn’t your bag, check out the British Heart Foundation’s useful guide on other ways to Get Active

Get out Get Active - Website

From orienteering to rowing, cycling to canoeing, the University of Leeds have teamed up with Sport England to provide a range of outdoor activities that we can all experience and enjoy. No equipment, gym membership or experience is necessary, just come and have fun!

NHS Live Well - Website

With information on over 100 topics related to healthy living the NHS Live Well site is a great place for anyone to check out if they are concerned with their Physical or Mental Wellbeing.

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance - Ted Talks 12 mins - 19 mins

A collection of Ted Talks on work life balance.

The Wheel of Life - Mindtools Website 30 mins

Help find balance in your life by using Mindtools wheel of life to get a 'helicopter view' of your life.

Ten Tips for a better work-life balance - The Guardian 20 mins

Struggling with a work-life balance? Challenge yourself to trying at least two of these this week.

Work Life Balance - Article 10 mins

The Mental Health Foundation talks about how you can identify the signs of an unhealthy work-life balance and take some practical steps to help you.