Psychological Wellbeing

Psychological Wellbeing

LUU believes that the mental health and wellbeing of our people is extremely important and we want to do all that we can to ensure that we are supporting our staff and helping to raise awareness of the support that is available. All staff are encouraged to raise concerns about their mental health and wellbeing with their manager, or if they feel more comfortable with a member of the People Team. We want to support our people and often the best way we can do that is by being aware that there is a concern. All staff at LUU can also access the following anonymous support:

Workplace Support

Your Line Manager

If you are experiencing any difficulties, having a chat with your line manager might help. Feel free to ask them for a meeting.

Help and Support

Student Staff can make an appointment to meet a Student Advisor within our Help and Support team. They offer advice on a wide range of topics that affect students. For more details on how to book an appointment and online advice follow this link.

The People Team

If you are having problems in the workplace and need some advice you can contact the People Team. Our HR Officers will be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

Contact details:

Employee Assistance Programme

We have an EAP through UNUM which is available to you by calling 0800 072 3877 or visiting this link and entering the user ID: well@work and password: unum

This service provides advice on a variety of issues such as:

• Access to online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Caring for the elderly

• Retirement

• Disability

• Health issues, including addiction and recovery


This online health and wellbeing, service offers self help programmes, creative outlets and an online community that cares. When you are dealing with everyday stressors or major life events they will help you get through it. To create an account simply choose 'Universities' under the Organisation tab. All LUU staff can log in to this service by using your @leeds email address. Follow this link to sign up.

Student Minds

This is a student mental health charity offering support to students and they are based on campus. For more information on how they can support follow this link.


If you would prefer talking therapy then there are free options open to you. LUU works in partnership with Leeds University to provide free counselling services to all LUU Staff. To find out more information and book an appointment, follow this link. If you are a student member of staff then you can find out about the support available to you here.

You may be interested in paying to see a private counsellor. This can mean that you don't face the long waiting lists that often come with NHS funded counselling. Private counselling also offers a wider range of support and approaches that is not available on the NHS. If you want to explore this option then find out how to find a therapist then the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) has more information.

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

If you would prefer to access free counselling and therapies outside of the University then Leeds residents can find support through Mental Wellbeing in Leeds, (formerly Leeds Improving Access to Psychological Therapies).

They offer a range of evidenced based psychological interventions, including group based and 1:1 therapies, classes, workshops and online support options.

There are a variety of online therapy courses for topics such as

  • Panic Attacks

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Understanding self-esteem

Mental Health

Online Support - PDF of Website Links - Time varies

It is hard to know what websites and online support can actually be useful when you are searching for help. Leeds University Staff Counselling and Psychological Support Centre have compiled a list of recommended places to start looking.

Help @ Leeds - Website - Time Varies

Leeds University and LUU Student advice centre have developed a webpage filled with information designed to help the students of Leeds with their concerns, worries and problems. With information on Housing, Money, safety, academic concerns and even computing advice this is a great place to find some out of hours support. Have a look here.

How to cope with Student life - Website Resource 30 mins

Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing mental health problems. If you are worried about how having a mental Health problem as a student or have a friend who you are worried about this website can give you suggested ways of coping and links for support.

Mind A-Z of Mental Health - Website - Time Varies

If you have questions about Mental health, be it your own, a team members or a friends, then the Mind's A-Z is a great place to start. In each topic you will learn about common signs and syptoms, treatments available and most areas have blogs or videos made by people who have experienced the topic subject so you get a personal understanding.

Mental Health - Ted Talks 5 mins - 30 mins

A huge collection of Ted talks on Mental Health.


Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 6 weeks

Delivered by Monash University, this free MOOC (Massive open online course) will take you 6 weeks to complete. You will be E-mailed new course content each week that you can do at any time you like. Learn mindfulness techniques that will reduce stress and improve performance.

Mindfulness - Ted Talks 10 mins - 20 mins

A collection of Ted talks on Mindfulness.

Learning Modules on the LMS

LUU provides a number of training modules on mental health on our Learning Management System (LMS) . These include the following modules;

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Introduction to CBT

  • Managing Stress

  • Mental Health at Work

  • Wellbeing

To access the system follow this link . You will be sent details of how to login to the LMS from the People Team when you start working with us. If you have any difficulties accessing the LMS contact the People Team on

The Samaritans

The Samaritans can offer support to those at risk of self harm. They can be contacted on 116 123 , day or night, 365 days a year. For more information see the Samaritans website by following this link

If you are concerned about self harm you can seek support from the People Team on or visit a member of the team in person, the People Team can be found located in the Big Office on Level 1 of LUU.