Social Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

We love a good social in LUU. If you have any ideas for social activity that can be done virtually just contact the People team who can help you organise the event.

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance - Ted Talks 12 mins - 19 mins

A collection of Ted Talks on work life balance.

The Wheel of Life - Mindtools Website 30 mins

Help find balance in your life by using Mindtools wheel of life to get a 'helicopter view' of your life.

Ten Tips for a better work-life balance - The Guardian 20 mins

Struggling with a work-life balance? Challenge yourself to trying at least two of these this week.

Work Life Balance - Article 10 mins

The Mental Health Foundation talks about how you can identify the signs of an unhealthy work-life balance and take some practical steps to help you.