HR for Managers

HR for Managers

This page will help you as a manager through the process of managing recruitment, appraisals and other HR duties. You'll find loads of helpful forms and documents on this page too.

Forms for Managers


Return to Work

You will need to download, or make a copy and then send the completed form through to the People Team

For monthly paid staff, please use iTrent. Instructions are provided below.

Performance Framework

Performance Framework Timetable

New Performance Framework Booklet (Not available to edit)

All the Performance Frame work documents are now available as a Template in Google Doc's. This allows us to ensure that any details you place on the form are secure as the document is private only to you until you choose to share it.

Head over to our template gallery to get one of the following forms, you can also access this on your own Google Docs. If you do not have an LUU google account talk to your manager about getting one set up and ask them for the form you need.

  • Probation review form

  • Objective setting form

  • Weekly paid one to one form

  • Monthly paid one to one form

  • 6/12 month performance review meeting

If your employee needs further support then your first call is to have a conversation with the People team to agree how best to support them in their role. This might involve performance support, an example of the form we use for this process is here. Performance support should not be undertaken without consulting the People team first.

The Performance Framework is the collective term we use at LUU to describe how we manage performance in the organisation. This starts with probation meetings. Generally speaking weekly paid, student staff will have probation reviews at the end of their 4th and 8th week of employment. Monthly paid staff will generally have their reviews at the end of their first, third and sixth months. In exceptional circumstances probation periods may be extended. If you feel that a staff member needs their probation period extending speak to a member of the people team.

Once a staff member has passed probation they have One to One Meetings. For weekly paid staff this is once a term. For Monthly paid staff these are completed by the end of November, January, May and July. Monthly Paid staff also have a 12 Month Performance Review Meeting which is competed by the end of September and a 6 Month Performance Review meeting which is completed by the end of March.

If a staff member's performance is not meeting standards talk to the People Team about Performance Support.

We have a course on Love to Learn called "Managing Staff at LUU" which is great training for everyone who holds these meetings.


This is our HR and Payroll system. You can access your payslips on here. Monthly paid staff can also book holidays through this system. There are 3 training guides on how to use iTrent below depending on your role.

iTrent manager access training (1).pdf

These slides are a guide for the managers out there, you will learn how to authorise holidays, input sickness and other absence in the system.

Return to Work Forms - iTrent .pdf

These slides are a seperate guide for specifically how to complete Return to Work forms within iTrent.

Leavers Checklist

If a member of your team leaves their role, follow the steps in this Leavers Checklist

Staff Savvy Recruitment

If you are recruiting new members to join your team, have a look at this handy guide to learn more about our new digital recruitment tool - Staff Savvy.

Staff Savvy Digital Recruitment Guide.pdf