Decision Time

Has a job arisen in your team? Then you have come to the right place. This page tells you all you need to know about recruitment at LUU.

Sometimes a new role arises within a team, on other occasions you may be replacing someone who is leaving. The first thing to think about is what this role will look like and you are encouraged to talk to your Director about this. This chat can help you think about how this role can will help deliver our strategy.

Recruitment timescales can range from a minimum of seven weeks upwards so ensure you plan ahead and take action as soon as you know you have a vacancy in your team.

Time to Write

Once you have decided upon the role that you are looking to fill you need to write the job description. This link helps you understand how to write a job description. Guide to Job Evaluation , Writing Person Specs and Job Descriptions. To actually write the job description you need to use the Template Job Description Pick and Mix Tool. To write the person specification you need to use the Template Person Specification.

Asking the right questions at the interview is key to assessing the knowledge, skills and experience of candidates. You are encouraged to pick about 8 questions from our Bank of Questions. This can be requested from the People Team on The questions you use need to be placed in the Interview Question Template which can be found as a template within Google docs.

A great advert will also help attract great candidates. You need to have a think about the unique selling points of the jobs and write two to three paragraphs for the advert. You also need to provide a Welcome Letter to your candidate which contains key information that you would want them to know about the role and team and this can include your contact details so that candidates can ask you direct questions about the role before applying.

A presentation can be a great way to see what knowledge a candidate has. If you'd like your candidates to make a presentation as part of their interview, put together a short paragraph on what you'd like them to present on. For assessing the presentation on the day, you can use this Presentation Notes Template.

A short test is another good way to assess the skills of a candidate. You can write this based on realistic elements of the role they will carry out.

You need to ensure you have the person specification, job description, advert and welcome letter ready BEFORE you request RAV sign offs. These documents can also be sent through to the People Team before RAV sign off to help ensure the advert is placed on time.

Once you have these documents in electronic format move on to Sign Offs.

Sign Offs

A Raising A Vacancy form (RAV) is needed to get your role advertised.

As the recruiting manager you need to fill this in, completing ALL boxes. As part of completing the RAV we ask you to think about the diversity within your existing team and ask you to think about what further diversity your team could benefit from. For example, your team may benefit from gender or ethnic diversity. Please also use the additional notes box at the end of the form to highlight if the role being recruited will become a Team Leader upon starting at LUU.

Allow 1 week minimum for all signatures to be obtained. As the recruiting manager you have the responsibility to obtain the following signature sign off before giving the completed RAV to the People Team:

1. Your Director – they may wish to clarify certain information regarding the role and ensure it fits with budgets and the LUU strategy.

2. The Director of People and Quality – This check ensure that HR standards are being met throughout the recruitment process

3. The Director of Finance and Risk – to provide final financial sign off.

Only once you have obtained these signatures can you then pass over to the People Team for advertising.

In order for your role to become live please ensure you send through to the People Team digital versions of the job advert, job description, personal specification and welcome letter. A quick guide to the advert content can be found here

The Recruitment Campaign

The People Team will aim to post your role within 48 hours of receiving the signed RAV. We'll post your job on sites that we regularly use including LUU Careers, Joblink, Linked In as well as other social media sites and places that you may recommend.

Jobs are advertised for a minimum of two weeks and we encourage you to leave longer to attract a good pool of candidates. This gives applicants plenty of time to complete the application forms.


Shortlisting is completed on Staff Savvy. For guidance on how to use this system, please complete the online courses on Love to Learn for Recruiting Managers.

It is good practice to shortlist 'as yo go' so you don't have large pile of shortlisting to complete on the day the job advert closes. Once you have completed the shortlisting, inform the People Team on They will then invite candidates to the interview stage.

It is important that a minimum of two people shortlist for a particular role.

You will be provided with a shortlisting matrix to use alongside Staff Savvy. What you need to do with this is is read the application form and tick off on the matrix when you see criteria with matches the essential and desirable criteria as stated in the person specification on the matrix. This is important so that feedback can be given to candidates on their applications if they request it.

Interview Dates

You are required to leave a minimum of eight days between completing your shortlisting and holding your interviews. This is to allow the People Time to send out invites to candidates and for the candidate to make arrangements to be able to attend the interview.

On the Day

As the recruiting manager you run the recruitment activities on the day.

The People Team will ensure that:

1. Rooms are booked and any relevant IT equipment is set up (If physical interviews are taking place)

2. A water jug and glasses are ready in the room on the day of the interview. Please remember to return them to the People Team after using them.

3. If the interviews are being carried out via Google Meet - the People Team will ensure you have access to the Interview Schedule which includes contact details for all the candidates

4. It is the responsibility of the recruiting manager to send over the Google Meet links to the candidates.

Please note that the physical copies of application forms are no longer available. Should you wish to have these available to you on the day, please ensure you have a digital device through which Staff Savvy, and the applications, can be accessed.

If you are involved in an interview and you happen to know any of the candidates on the day, please do make the Chair of the interview panel aware of this. When the candidate arrives, the Help and Support Team will contact you directly. You collect your candidates from the Foyer. If your candidate needs somewhere to wait they can take a seat on the chairs on the purple chairs outside of the Finance Office.

Always ask the candidate for their right to work documents at the end of the interview. They will have received details of what they need to bring in their invite to interview email. You can take a coloured photocopy of these documents at the photocopier situated in the People Team.

Right to Work Process 2021 - A new starter has three ways in which they can provide us with their right to work documentation, which ensures we are carrying out our legal duty.

EU Staff Right to Work Requirements - The UK left the EU on 01 January 2021 and this has implications for right to work documents required from EU staff going forward. LUU continues to support all our EU staff members during the Brexit process and we very much value the work of all our EU staff.

Interview Question templates can be found on Google Doc templates. Please ensure you share all completed interview scripts with the People Team once you have completed your interviews.

When making your selection decision think about what diversity you were looking for in your team. When you are happy with your selected candidate inform a member of the People Team. They will then provide you with their phone number so you can offer them the job. When offering to the successful candidate please remember to confirm the following:

1. Their start date

2. Their agreed salary

3. That we can contact their referees

To ensure an accurate audit trail the People Team will then require an email from the recruiting manager that outlines the above.

The People Team will inform any unsuccessful candidates of the outcome of the interview process via email.

Next Steps

Once your candidate has confirmed they want to accept the role, the People Team will carry out the following actions

1. Send out formal offer letters and contracts

2. Send out reference requests (we have to obtain two references before the candidate is able to start).

3. Once new starter forms have been obtained, the People Team will arrange for a name badge to be printed. Name badges are printed every other Friday.

4. Once we have obtained the relevant right to work documents, two completed references and confirmation of all relevant training completion, Staff Savvy (where applicable) and iTrent accounts can be authorised by the People Team.

5. iTrent accounts will be completed in time for the nearest payroll run. For monthly staff this can mean up to two to three weeks.

Assessment Centres

If you wish to organise an Assessment Centre contact the People Team on


Please ensure you send the confirmation of any resignations through to the People Team at They will require this information to be able to carry out the leavers process. This can take the form of a formal resignation letter, or resignation via email.