Pay and Reward

Pay in LUU

LUU operates two payroll systems, a monthly payroll and a weekly payroll. Monthly payments are made on the last working day of the month, Weekly payments are made every Friday. The current pay scales can be viewed by clicking the links below. LUU consult with the local trade unions (Unison and Unite) on the annual cost of living increase.

Monthly Pay Scale January 2020

Weekly Pay Rates 2019

Weekly Pay Rates 2020

On Wednesday 24th June 2020 we announced the winners of our Shining Stars June 2020. If you missed it then you can watch the recording of the announcements here. You can read all our Shining Star finalists nominations here.

Hero of the Week

We love to celebrate how great our people are, so each week we gather up your nominations for all those colleagues who have gone above and beyond, who have helped us out or who have achieved something amazing. You can nominate anyone in the organisation here, by contacting, or by announcing it in the Monday morning huddle. Each week the nominations and winner is announced in the LUU Weekly News. All nominations also get shortlisted as nominees in our Shining Stars scheme.

Shining Stars

If you haven’t heard about it already, we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. The Shining Stars scheme is LUU’s way of ensuring that we recognise staff who have positively impacted their team and others in the organisation . The winner in each category receives £100 to spend on anything they choose.

Shining Stars is open to any member of LUU staff, to nominate a teammate, colleague or department who you feel deserves to be recognised. You can make a nomination at any point in the year in the following categories:


We will create a place where everyone is valued and can play a part. In LUU being inclusive is about reaching out to everybody. Who do you know who tries to remove barriers to our services and finds new ways to engage students and others in our work?


We will work together to deliver the best for our members and each other. We want to recognise those whose knowledge of LUU enables them to give excellent service, those who are adaptable to others needs and those who are really committed to helping their customers.


We will constantly strive to improve what we do in new and creative ways. Being enterprising is not about making money, it’s about being resourceful, and coming up with new ways of doing things. Who can you think of who generates creative solutions to problems in LUU?


We will encourage people to share their skills and knowledge, supporting others to make decisions and lead change. Empowering others is about how we use our skills and talents to encourage those around us. Who can you think of who has given you the chance to try something new or has someone you know been the one who has jumped at the chance to deliver something different?


We will be a friendly place that people enjoy being part of and keep coming back to. How can we make LUU a fun place to be? Fun is not about being the zaniest person around, it is about encouraging others to enjoy what they do. Who in LUU always makes your day and helps you to love your job?

How do I nominate someone?

You can nominate someone by filling out a shining stars nomination form here. Your nomination will automatically be sent to The People Team. The awards are held twice a year in June and December, the finalists are selected by last years winners and the SLT team pick the winners. There’s also a People’s Choice winner, which is the person or team who received the highest number of nominations in total.

The deadline for nominations is the 10th June and 30th November each year.

Previous winners have spent their hard-earned cash on a wide range of prizes including: a digital camera, holiday vouchers, a new mobile phone, GHD hair straighteners, a spa day, gym equipment, and garden furniture.


There are loads of benefits of working in LUU and we have outlined some of them below:

The Holidays

Weekly Paid Staff

Most of our weekly paid roles are contracted to work term time only, which allows staff to be away from Leeds in the University holiday periods. We have four vacation weeks across the year where staff receive holiday leave and where we pay holiday pay.

Monthly Paid Staff

Full time monthly staff are allocated 26 holiday days in a year to take in agreement with their line manager. Staff also receive 8 bank holidays and 6.5 closed days when the University is closed.

Flexible and Home Working

All LUU staff have the right to request flexible working providing they have served continuously for 26 weeks at the point of making the request. LUU sees flexible working as an advantage for our employee's as it allows them to work within their energy cycles, as well as giving flexibility for employees who may have family or personal commitments.

We recognise that there may be times where staff will be more productive whilst working from work whilst eliminating distractions and commuting times. Working from home allows people greater flexibility and control over their lives.

LUU staff can request flexible and home working through their managers - it's that easy.

Learning and Development

We believe that it is our responsibility to help staff continue to learn and develop throughout their career. LUU will support this development through the provision of appropriate resources including time off to attend training and development events, support from line managers and access to information and advice about training and development activities.

We also recognise that there is more to learning than training courses and believe that a whole range of other activities can be a useful source of learning. These include attendance at conferences, reading books and other publications, meeting with people from other organisations, on the job training and e-learning.

NUS Totum Card

Want student discounts even when your not a student? As a member of staff you can buy an annual NUS Totum Card and get discounts in loads of online and high street retailers.

Some of the discounts include: 30% off at Zizi's; up to 49% off at Alton Towers, 20% off National Express Travel and many more international discounts including hotels and entertainment.

If you are signing up for a Totum card, you need to use your University of Leeds email address, example:

Discounted Internal Purchases

As a member of LUU staff you are eligible for 10% discount in some LUU outlets. You will only be eligible for discounts if you are wearing your LUU badge, please bring this to the attention of the relevant assistant when you make your purchase.

LUU Outlets where staff discount can be obtained are; Balcony, Common Ground, Salad Box, Pyramid, and Gear. Old Bar and Terrace offer staff discount on staff food, coffee and soft drinks but not on other drinks. Our tenants, Pamper Me and Wok and Go also currently offer a staff discount of 10%.

Discount in the LUU Co-op can be obtained by presenting a Totum Card. The discount with this card will be to the value of 10%. If you sign up to a Co-op Membership Card, when you buy selected products and service from the Co-ops, they put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op Membership account. You can then spend this on most items in store. This discount may be subject to change. For details on how to obtain a Totum card refer to For details on how to obtain a Co-op Card refer to

Discounted Travel Cards

As an employee of LUU you are able to apply for an MCard. This is a discounted travel pass that you are able to purchase on a yearly basis and then have salary deductions taken from your payroll each month. Contact for more details.

Staff Groups and Networks

LUU has a lot to offer its staff, with a variety of networks and group that staff can attend throughout their working week. Staff can enjoy a meditation or a yoga session, or if you love to sing our staff choir will definitely be for you. If you want your time at Leeds to be about making change, we also offer our staff the opportunity to be in our Staff Networks. We currently have three staff networks which are the; BAME Staff Coalition, LGBTQ+ Staff Network and the Women's Collective.

Health and Wellbeing

Smoking Cessation Services:

LUU Staff are eligible for free access to smoking cessation services. The sessions will be running continuously throughout the year and you can drop in-and-out at any time.

Sign up now to join the face-to-face support sessions with a Health Adviser who can help you with behavioural change advice and guidance and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Contact to start your journey.

Yoga and Meditation Classes:

Staff have the opportunity to attend yoga and meditation classes during their working week. Practicing yoga is known to improve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. While meditation helps to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieves stress and improved overall well-being.

Staff Choir:

Every Wednesday the staff choir has their rehearsal to prepare for upcoming staff events. Studies show that choral singing improves our mood, with an increase in overall happiness. Singing in a group offers us a sense of belonging. Physical health is also impacted for the better: lower blood pressure, increased blood oxygen saturation and stronger respiratory muscles.

Bayfields Opticians:

LUU staff are entitled to a free eye examination. To receive this employees need to provide their Payroll number, LUU Lanyard and advise which department they work in.

If you are in need of a pair of glasses, LUU staff will be given a £25 discount to spend at Bayfields on a new pair of spectacles.

Any spectacles required solely for Display Screen Equipment, staff will receive £50 towards DSE specific spectacles from a limited range.

You can apply here

Mental Health Support

LUU offer counselling services for staff who may need access to support. LUU work alongside Big White Wall who provide 24/7 online peer and professional support. Big White Wall provides a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings and learn how to improve and self-manage your mental health and well-being.

You can read more about the support available on our Psychological Wellbeing page here.

Simply Health

Offering a range of healthcare solutions for you and your family, simplyhealth allows you to make contributions from your salary on a monthly basis and then claim back the cost of healthcare such as dentists, opticians and loads of other health services.

Edge Gym Membership

LUU staff are eligible for discounted membership. For more details, contact or call 0113 3437406.

New Reward Scheme

Further to the update provided last week (Pay & Reward September 2019 Update) we are pleased to announce that today we are launching our new reward scheme giving you the opportunity to be considered for a reward based on work carried out in the previous year. The reward will take the form of a one off payment delivered in the November payroll.

How can I be considered for the scheme?

The scheme is available to monthly paid staff who did not receive an increment in August 2019 and who meet the criteria outlined below. You can apply using the application form and managers are being asked to encourage staff to apply where they feel it is appropriate. We are mindful that the method of self application is not as attractive to some groups of staff and therefore we will both ensure managers encourage relevant staff to apply and also allow them to apply on behalf of individuals where this is appropriate. We will be monitoring applications to make sure they are not disproportionately from certain groups of staff and taking action if we see that this happening.

In order to be eligible you need to meet some key criteria these are

  • To have been in your current post at your current grade on or before 30 September 2018. This is because we wish to assess performance over a full year.
  • To not be under the performance framework
  • To not have any live disciplinary warnings

What types of contribution will be rewarded?

The purpose of the scheme is to better reward those who deliver what we need to enhance LUU’s performance. Therefore this will be based on individuals’ achievement of their objectives and demonstration of the values. In order to be successful there is a need to show both the what and the how of what has been achieved. Applications will therefore be in two parts.

1. Demonstrate how well you have achieved the objectives you were set for the year - you should make reference to any targets you were set.

2. Reference how, through your work, you have demonstrated one or more of the LUU values giving clear examples which relate to your objectives.

We will consider not just the results you have achieved but also how you got there.

How are cases decided?

Due to the distribution of payments across the whole of LUU the applications will be considered by the Senior Managers Group. As this is a discretionary fund their decision will be final and there will be no right of appeal in respect of these decisions.


We realise that you may have a number of questions. Many of these will be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions document.

If have other questions you can either submit them using this form.

Drop In Sessions - There will be support available and drop in sessions during the time that applications are open. These have now passed.


The scheme launches on 30 September 2019.

Reward Scheme Application Form - You will need to make a copy. The closing date for applications was Friday 18 October 2019. Applications for 2019 have now closed.

Decisions will be communicated by Friday 22 November 2019.

Payments will be made in the November payroll.