Communications, Marketing & Insight

Communications, Marketing and Insight

Communications, Marketing and Insight report to Rori Raquib, the Director of Communications here at LUU.

Each department leads on different activities and working together to deliver significant projects and programmes.




*Indicates student roles 

Who does what?


Marketing is focused on supporting projects that span or require activity from marketing, communications and/or insight. As part of our remit to engage members and move away from broadcasting information, Marketing will challenge your thinking about what you think you need and focus on what you’re trying to achieve, to find the best way of delivering your aims. 

With sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity built into all of our work, expect us to query requests for posters and PDFs and redirect you towards multimedia approaches, with activities that will attract student interest and/or purchases, as well as opportunities for conversations, while building LUU brand awareness. 

Requests should be submitted VIA ONLINE FORM

This will import your information into our job booking system. Using the form will save time and help us allocate your work, as appropriate, across the wider team. Alternatively email and Georgina or Giulia will be in touch for more details as necessary. 

Ela is working on a range of projects working with the University, until October 2022, such as Open days, Welcome all year and supporting the roll out of the Strategic Plan 22/26 campaign. Please contacted Ela directly regarding any of these projects: 


Communications is focused on generating and creating content for our main engagement platforms - website, email, social media and digital screens - all with an aim of engaging current and future students. Written, image and video content is produced by this team, regardless of the project and, like Marketing, we will focus on your objectives, encouraging you to think about what you want students to think, say, feel or do. We’ll then help you develop ideas to deliver this engagement.

Managing schedules of content for all our main channels, we work to deliver improvements to student engagement (see below) planning day to day, campaign and project work as far ahead as possible. We do a lot of great stuff across LUU, but can end up making it difficult for students to connect with us because we end up competing with ourselves for visibility. Get in touch as soon as you can with any ideas and we’ll see what else might be happening at the same time, make suggestions we think might give you more engagement opportunities and some examples of ways we can help.

Email your requests to and they will be triaged to the right person who will then get in touch. Katie, Jess, Louis, IIza and Tamara all have access to this inbox so they can support if you need something urgently.


Insight is central to the delivery of all of our activities. By capturing an accurate and strong understanding of our students and what they think, feel, say and do, we can develop plans to influence their thinking, actions and behaviour. 

The Insight team is a starting point and an end point for many projects, enabling us to assess the success of any actions and activities we undertake so we can ensure a good return on any LUU investment.

Alongside annual campaigns and project activities the team support departments with one off pieces of research and analysis.

Email and Ela or Lydia will be in touch to see how we can help. 

How we're measured

Our performance is measured against the LUU departmental performance indicators of budget spend, staff learning score and internal satisfaction, with Communications also measured against active digital engagement (a student focused measure) and Marketing and Insight by project turnaround.

As a wider team we also have objectives set as follows for 2021/22 which inform our approaches to projects and work across the year:


Marketing & Insight

In a nutshell

If you have a message you need communicating to our students you need to contact Communications

So if it’s press management support, photography, video work or content for our social media, emails or website, or if you just need to alert students to some important or urgent information, email Communications. (

If you need a project scoped or planned, with different elements such as design, communications, various engagement activities and/or research, then you need to talk to Marketing.

It’s unlikely that you’ll only need design these days, as if you need something designed you’ll usually need it for use as part of a campaign or project, but if you find you do need something designed or printed contact Marketing 

If you need a piece of one off research or some regular insights, then you need to speak to the Insight team

Branding Downloads

This page originally include brand guidelines for staff and downloads. They are published below as before: 

LUU Brand Guidelines

We’ve developed this staff brand guide to help us keep our brand strong and consistent. Not only does it detail why we rebranded in 2016, it also outlines how we should look and sound, setting out a framework that has some rules but still ensures we can have lots of fun. We have a logo, a bunch of ways to use it, some bright colours, some fun photography styles, a smart typeface and a friendly tone of voice. All these things combined make us look and sound like us. 

Branded Google Templates

There’s a bunch of templates available to you to ensure that all our messages look consistent but if you need additional templates, images or communications to deliver your message to our members, then please contact one of our coordinators.

Below you can find Google templates in our  main brand and all three of our strands; Student Life, Student Activities and Student Representation. Remember to copy these files into your own Drive when you use them.

Directional Signage Templates

Directional landscape templates can be found here. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.

Temporary Signage Templates

Grab our branded signage documents from the links below. These are in our main brand, and can be downloaded as a Word document in order to add your own text.

Promoting LUU

The Exhibition Stand

The exhibition stand is free for teams to use to set up at any events where they may be speaking to students. Marketing & Communications will get priority use to use for specific promotions such as at Welcome Week & Fresh Start Festival, but other teams may wish to use this for pop-ups around other buildings on or around campus or at key events.

The main panelled display is best used in indoor spaces but can be placed outdoors in areas with little or no wind (or with weights to ensure it’s held in place). The front stand can be used anywhere.

If you would like to book it for use or if there are any issues with the stand, such as it breaking, please contact 

When finished with the stand, please return to the Marketing office.