Religion & Belief

At LUU, we want our staff to be confident and feel safe to share their faith at work. As an organisation, we see the benefits of religious diversity and we want all staff to be able to understand more about others faith and beliefs. As staff, you may have seen members of staff and students observing their faith, but how much do you really know about their beliefs? Having cultural competency and interfaith initiatives are vital in empowering our employees - which is one of our values here at LUU.


The Prayer Room is located on Level 1 opposite the Gryphon Office. This room was created by our REACH Network. It is a multi faith space for you to reflect, relax, pray or gather your thoughts. All staff are welcome to use this space. At the end of 2023, we worked with Serish Shah, former REACH Network leader, on making some improvements to the Prayer Room. Here are some of the new additions: 

If you have any questions for improvements to this room, email The People Team at


In the first six months of 2021 in the UK, there was a record spike in anti-Semitism. Tom Brada - who is British and Jewish - investigates why. 

What is Anti-semitism? 

Antisemitism refers to hostility or prejudice against Jewish people.

"We may like to believe that since the Holocaust, antisemitism surely must have gone away but unfortunately that is far from the truth. In a 2021 report, the Community Security Trust (CST) who monitor antisemitism in the UK recorded their highest ever total of antisemitic incidents." - Ariel Chapman

Read: tackling modern antisemitism and the role of employers. Ariel Chapman discusses what its like to live, work and be Jewish in modern society, and his experiences with antisemitism. 


Five Things for a Friday

Gemma Rudette has shered with us resources on the Jewish Holidays: 





Did you know? Leeds University Jewish Society is one of the largest in the UK. Check out their instagram. 

The Festive Period

In the UK, we often refer to the festive period as Christmas, but we are a multicultural society so this can mean different things to different people, depending on their faith or religion

Read: Christmas Time for people of faith

Check out: LUU's Cultural Calendar for celebrations like Kwanzaa and Los Posadas.

Religious Diversity

Inclusive Employers address the benefits of religious diversity in the workplace. Click here to read.

Ramadan - How to Support Your Team


This is observed by Muslims on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It involves fasting, prayer, community and reflection. The celebration of Eid follows Ramadan. 

Read: What Ramadan is and why it is important to Muslims by Serish Shah, former REACH network leader.


To be an ally towards interfaith, we must step beyond our own needs to uplift people of different faiths. There are many simple actions that you can take to show up as an ally:

Know the Places of Worship in Leeds, and learn about the different practises and beliefs people have.  

Acknowledge holidays by using  LUU's Cultural Calendar. Reach out to your colleagues of different faiths during key holidays and ask for example "How is Ramadan going? How was your iftar last night?".

When planning big events such as Leeds Ball, Welcome, the Rileys, ensure you consider the timing and ensure there is an appropriate space for prayer and signage to the prayer room. 

Show your support. If you know about any recent discrimination towards religious groups, ensure that staff from those communities are supported. Previously at LUU we have organised vigils. 

Look for opportunities to share stories. If you read something on social media, share it with others on your story, or repost it to raise awareness. 

Listen to understand other people's faiths, and be respectful towards their beliefs and practises.