Digital Services

Digital Services

'Digital Services' is overseen by Jasper Hegarty-Ditton, LUU's Director of Digital & Data and consists of three teams:

Devices & Infrastructure

This team supports all desktop/laptop computing, networking, building IT infrastructure (e.g. digital screens, tills) and printers.

Managed by Mohsin Khan, with Callam Farrel and Nathan Bladen as Operational Technicians. We will keep updating this page with further information, but in the meantime if you have any issues with your devices or systems access, please raise a ticket on the online helpdesk:


This team supports all digital systems through procurement, development and troubleshooting.

Key systems include Memplus/Engage, FIXR, Room booking system and virtual event platforms.


This is a team in formation and will support LUU's strategic use of data.

LUU Virtual meetings/Team chat policy

Below are the tools to help staff engage with virtual meetings and collaborate online.

Google Meet/Chat:

This is recommended as a primary tool for all LUU staff to meet virtually and chat with one another.

  • Weekly paid and short term members of staff will soon be onboarded to Gworkspace, therefore, these tools are generally more inclusive at LUU.

  • The vast majority of monthly paid staff are all trained on Google tools, and although somewhat subjective, LUU staff generally find Google tools more intuitive to use.

  • LUU administrates Gworkspace, meaning, DS can allow LUU staff to create their own groups on Google Chat.

More information on using Chat and Meet

Microsoft Teams:

This is recommended for LUU staff who collaborate with Leeds University staff and students.

  • The main reason we don’t advise Teams as a primary tool is that we can’t give all weekly paid members of staff and part-time members of staff accounts, to access MS Teams. Therefore, our weekly paid staff will struggle to collaborate with monthly paid members of staff using this tool.

  • LUU DS can’t administrate MS Teams meaning we can’t create groups for LUU teams/departments, this also limits LUU to more potential loss of functionality in future, for example, if LUU deems something necessary for our use case, but UoL sees it as unnecessary for theirs.

More information on using Microsoft Teams


This is recommended for particular use cases where both Meet and Teams don’t offer the functionality you require.

  • Zoom is now accessible to all UoL account holders (including LUU staff and students).

  • Zoom has breakout rooms and greater webinar functionality.

  • Zoom is preferred by some Chinese nationals as Google is generally inaccessible within China.

More information on using Zoom

Use of the Internet and Email

Many employees in LUU have access to a computer with internet and email facilities. All employees who have this facility are free to use the internet and email for business use.

Given our internet access, networking, and network user control is provided by University of Leeds, as an employee of Leeds University Union you are obliged to abide by the university's 'Use of Computer Systems Policy' which can be found on their IT Knowledge Base (Guidance and PDF download of full policy).

In addition, the 'Security Incident and Computer Misuse policy' includes what will be considered unacceptable use, prompting investigation:

Key points:

  • Don’t share passwords

  • You are obliged to observe all guidance as to acceptable use

  • Reasonable personal use of email and internet by staff is allowed at the discretion of LUU senior management, but excessive use may be investigated.

  • No liability is accepted for direct or consequential losses or loss of data or delays associated with the use of LUU and University of Leeds computing systems

LUU Notes:

  • The University of Leeds’ Use of Computer Systems Policy guidance contains a note: ‘Users must obtain formal permission before using University computer resources for any work which is funded by any person or organisation outside the University or on any consultancy basis. (3.4)’. As a separate but linked organisation, LUU provides devices and hardware to staff for the purpose of fulfilling their roles which may include work funded by its external partnerships. This guidance will only apply if the work generates significant network/internet traffic; if you believe this is the case, then please liaise with Jasper Hegarty-Ditton, LUU’s Director of Digital and Communications, who will seek the necessary permissions from the university.

  • Access to Google services is managed by LUU Digital Services and the same acceptable use guidance applies.

  • Staff at LUU have remote access via the internet to personnel and shared storage, therefore there is no need for data such as staff/members details or any private/sensitive data to be copied onto removable media.

  • If a staff member requires this data to fulfil their role at a remote location that has no internet connection, permission must be sought from their line manager and IT Support to minimise the possibility of this data being lost.