Digital Services

Digital Services

'Digital Services' is overseen by Jasper Hegarty-Ditton,  LUU's Director of Digital & Data and consists of three teams:

Devices & Infrastructure 

This team supports all desktop/laptop computing, networking, building IT infrastructure (e.g. digital screens, tills) and printers.


This team supports all digital systems through procurement, development and troubleshooting.

Key systems include Memplus/Engage, FIXR, Room booking system and virtual event platforms.


This is a team in formation and will support LUU's strategic use of data.

LUU Virtual meetings/Team chat policy  

Below are the tools to help staff engage with virtual meetings and collaborate online.

Google Meet/Chat:

This is recommended as a primary tool for all LUU staff to meet virtually and chat with one another. 

More information on using Chat and Meet

Microsoft Teams: 

This is recommended for LUU staff who collaborate with Leeds University staff and students. 

More information on using Microsoft Teams

Use of the Internet and Email

Many employees in LUU have access to a computer with internet and email facilities. All employees who have this facility are free to use the internet and email for business use. 

Given our internet access, networking, and network user control is provided by University of Leeds, as an employee of Leeds University Union you are obliged to abide by the university's 'Use of Computer Systems Policy' which can be found on their IT Knowledge Base (Guidance and PDF download of full policy).

In addition, the 'Security Incident and Computer Misuse policy' includes what will be considered unacceptable use, prompting investigation:

Key points:

LUU Notes: