Series 1: In conversation with...

Women in LUU 2019/2020

Episode 1: In Conversation With... Naomi & Alice Pennington

Alice is an amazing disabled woman who works for Henshaws: a charity supporting people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities.

Episode 2: In Conversation With... Lou Proctor & The Menopause

Ruby and Naomi talk to our Joblink Assistant Manager Lou Proctor, about her experience of the Menopause, how it's affected her at work and in her personal life, and what organisations can do to raise awareness and support their staff who are going through similar experiences.

Episode 3: In Conversation With...Lois Sharpe

Ruby chats to student staff member Lois Sharpe about the experiences she's gained working in LUU, the challenges she's faced as a student over the past year and the next steps of her journey as a Summer 2021 Graduate.

Serene Esuruoso

One of our past Education Officers, shares her experiences on stepping up and how to encourage staff to speak up.

Tamsin Scott

Our 2018-2019 Equality & Diversity Officer, shares her experiences of imposter syndrome, learning to make space for an authentic you at work, and how we can better support women staff in LUU.