Staff Voice


LUU is a big place with a whole host of services on offer but essentially we are all working towards the same goal - to ensure everyone loves their time at Leeds. That’s why we think that all our people should know what’s going on in all areas of the union. We are always looking for ways to communicate across the organisation and we recognise the importance of hearing the voice of all our people.

Staff Voice Group

This is LUU’s new way of making sure your voice is heard.

The Staff Voice Group is a new group of staff representatives who come together to receive info on key organisational matters, as well as provide feedback to LUU. This will be on a wide range of things such as; new processes and systems, updates to staff policies, new initiatives, organisational changes and spending decisions in relation to the staff engagement budget. The reps will meet once a term with Antonia Frezza, our Director of People and Quality, Rachel Winfield, our Learning & Engagement Manager and our HR Officer (Diversity and Engagement).

Here's an introduction to some of your fantastic Staff Voice Reps. Watch the video to find out who represents you and what they love about LUU.

You said, we did

We think it's important our staff know the difference their voice is making.

Have a read below of the impact you've had so far.

Staff Voice Reps

Here are your 2021-22 Staff Voice Reps.

Get in touch with your feedback and ideas.

Academic Engagement

Dan Williams

Bars - Old Bar


Abigail Boon


Mavis Frimpong

Digital Services

Callam Farrell

Duty Management & Logistics


Dylan Horn

Help & Support

Alex Patel


Helen Szczur

LGS & People

Matt Broadey

Marketing & Communications

Memorable Events

Hana Mitcheson


Isobel Sweeney

Student Activities

Rachael Pickles

Student Engagement

Maddie Bebbington

Tech & Maintenance

Chris Mee

Ask Anything

We encourage you to ask anything you'd like to know about LUU. You can even submit anonymous questions, using this link here. All the questions that are asked and answered will be made public. Ask Anything is currently part of LUU's Virtual Huddle.

Click on the dates below to read the answers to your questions:

Wednesday 14 July - Mask Wearing, Events Access Policy & Future of Work Implementation Date

Wednesday 07 July 2021 - Government roadmap & Hotdesking

Wednesday 03 March 2021 - Cost Saving Scheme

Wednesday 17 February 2021 - Express yourself & the new University Strategy

Wednesday 12 May 2021 - Recognition & The Virtual Huddle

View our archive of questions here; Ask Anything Archive

Staff Suggestion Scheme

This is how it works...

1. How can we improve LUU? You suggest a new, creative, innovative idea.

2. We send that suggestion to the relevant member of staff for their thoughts.

3. If we can, we implement the idea, we tell you and you win £20 in vouchers.

4. If we can't implement the idea or we already do it then we tell you why.

Easy as that.

You can submit your ideas using this form.

Successful suggestions from the past 6 months include;

  • Printers available for students to use in LUU

  • An informative sign for the Chilean Mural outside the office it is in

  • Displaying subtitles at the top of screens in the foyer for easier accessibility

  • Oven gloves for using the microwave in the staff kitchen

  • Soya milk alternative in the staff kitchen

  • Hooks on the back of doors where there are baby changing facilities

Staff Voice Opportunities & Feedback

Staff Voice is important to us here at LUU, so we’ve put together this approximate timeline of staff feedback opportunities for 2021, to ensure all of our staff can have their say.

This timeline is to help support Team Leaders in planning but the dates are useful for all staff.

View: Timeline of Staff Voice Opportunities & Feedback

You may have other requests which aren't necessarily a new idea, and wouldn't be counted as a staff suggestion. These are still useful for us to know, so here's the channels you can use

  • You might notice something that needs repairing or cleaning - you can submit a ticket to our Cleaning, Building Maintenance or the rest of the Facilities Team using Facilities Tickets

  • Or signage that needs updating - you can send in a Request Brief to the Marketing Team

  • You may be experiencing an IT problem - you can contact our helpful IT Team via the IT Helpdesk

  • Any other requests you're not sure of - contact the People Team ,, who will be happy to help you