Our People Are Amazing 

We run two recognition schemes in LUU that lets our staff nominate and recognise their colleagues and the fantastic work they are doing in LUU. 

So if you want to say thank you, cheers or ta then look no further than our Hero of the week and Shining star. 

Our scheme is only as good as the nominations that go in though so don't be shy, get nominating your colleagues. 

Hero of the Week 

We love to celebrate how great our people are, so each week we gather up your nominations for all those colleagues who have gone above and beyond, who have helped us out or who have achieved something amazing. You can nominate anyone in the organisation here, by contacting, or by sharing in the Virtual Huddle chat on Wednesday mornings. Each week the winner is announced in the LUU Weekly News and all the nominations are shared. All nominations also get shortlisted as nominees in our Shining Stars scheme.

View your current nominees here; Heroes of the Week 

Shining Stars

The Shining Stars scheme is LUU’s way of ensuring that we recognise staff who have positively impacted their team and others in the organisation . The winner in each category receives £100 to spend on anything they choose.

Shining Stars is open to any member of LUU staff, to nominate a teammate, colleague or department who you feel deserves to be recognised.

Take a look our Summer 2023 Shining Star Winners below: 


We want LUU to be a safe space for all our people where they can be accepted as their authentic selves. Our people will be respectful of one another and embrace the differences that make up our diverse and vibrant culture. Our people will be willing to learn and grow so that collectively we can continue to develop the ways in which we make LUU better for everyone. 

We will create an accepting and representative space in which our students feel safe and heard.


We want all of our people to develop at LUU and support others in their development journey. Development in LUU is not just about growing your skills, knowledge and behaviours but it is about developing the organisation too. Our people will feel supported, valued and respected. They will have a voice and be part of building a platform for everyone to be heard. They will listen to one another and work together to build a positive culture. 

We will support our students to shape LUU and the wider world with development opportunities, representation and the opportunity to influence change.


We want LUU to be a place where our people love what they do and find joy in their work and our culture. Our people will help to create a positive culture in which we take a balanced approach to tackling challenges and opportunities. Our people will be friendly and welcoming to all. 

We will support student passions and provide a safe environment for them to look after their wellbeing and have fun.

How do I nominate someone? 

You can nominate someone by filling out a shining stars nomination form. Your nomination will automatically be sent to The People Team. The awards are held twice a year in June and December, the finalists are selected by last years winners and the SLT team pick the winners. There’s also a People’s Choice winner, which is the person or team who received the highest number of nominations in total.

The deadline for nominations is the 10th June and 30th November each year.

Long Service Awards

We have some experienced staff in LUU who have spent years contributing to the student experience at Leeds and so we recognise them every winter and celebrate at a special lunch with our Chief Exec and Director of People and Quality. Out recent Long serving staff are: 


20 years’ service:  Margaret Harrison, Sharon Meighan, Aidan Grills

15 years’ service: Jon Ball, Dennis Duckett

10 years’ service: Phil Hazelgrave, Dave Olson 


20 years’ service:  Steve Keeble, David Rawson,  Antonia Frezza 

15 years’ service: Katie Hughes, Rachel Winfield

15 years’ service: Keith Chippendale, Dean Harriman