HR for Everyone

HR for Everyone 

This page will help you understand the People teams role at LUU and how we can support you in your work and time at LUU. ūüėä

We have a lot of information available on our intranet pages for staff which we hope will help you to find the information that you need.  If you cannot find the information here then please ask your manager who will be able to help. 

The People team have a central email address that all members of the team have access to so please send all general enquires here 

Looking for one our forms or templates? Click below to head to Google Docs Template Gallery:

The People Team

Our work spans over a wide variety of specialist subject areas and we all have responsibilities for different parts of our Peoples experience at LUU. Our working hours are Monday to Friday 08:45 - 5pm. 

You can speak to us individually about our areas but if you are not sure who is the best person to contact then you can just reach out to and we will make sure the right one of us gets in touch with you. 

The People team is a support function in LUU, we work with all staff to create better opportunities, development and understanding for our People. 

We are currently recruiting for two HR Assistants and a HR Advisor. 

LUU Values 

Our three behavioural values at LUU are: 

ūüíú Inclusive¬†

ūüéČ Fun¬†

✊ Empowering 

These are behavioural values that will help guide our peoples actions and behaviours at work. They can be seen in the way a person treats others, the choices they make, the actions they take, and they  help us to build our culture here at LUU. 

Organisation Chart 

Exec: LUU is led by six full-time student Executive Officers, elected by our members. Find out more about them. 

SLT: Our Senior Leadership Team lead the  management of organisation-wide projects and challenges. See who they are. 

SMG: Our Senior Management Group oversee all operations and strategy at LUU. See who they are.

Org Chart: Our Org chart covers every team in LUU and you can find out who works where.

HR Systems

We have two HR systems. 

iTrent - HR and Payroll system, view and edit personal information, access your payslips and monthly paid staff can also book holidays through this system.

iTrent user guide for Career/Monthly Staff 

iTrent Guide for weekly paid staff 

Staff Savvy - is our online rota'ing and digital recruitment tool. Training modules for staff savvy is available on Love to Learn. 

iTrent Managers guide 

As a manager you can use iTrent to: 

Authorise Holidays 

Check staff details

Enter sickness absences 

Complete Return to works 

View employment details for your team 

To find out how to do all of this take a look here, if you have any questions then book in some time with our HR Officer Operations. 


Have a vacancy in your team? We have you covered with our step by step recruitment guide. 

Take a look at our recruitment page

If you have any questions about recruitment that your manager can't answer then our HR team will be happy to help. 

We also have a Internal Recruitment process guide for staff in LUU who want to apply for roles across the organisation.  

Hybrid working 

There are some roles in LUU that are suitable to staff working in a Hybrid way, that is to work in the LUU building and their home during a working week. 

If staff wish to work in a Hybrid way then there is a process to follow. 

Read our Hybrid working process and policy. 

Unless staff have been successfully processed as a Hybrid worker then they should be working in the LUU building 100% of their working time.


LUU has lockers for staff to keep their belongings safe when they are at work. 

They are either in the staff room or on the first floor of LUU. 

You can read all about the lockers, the usage and the etiquette for happy locker usage in this document here. 


Return to work 

Following a period of absence managers will complete a return to work meeting to check everything is okay. We have created some guidance on holding great return to work meetings for managers. 

For career staff the return to work from is on iTrent, there is a manager guide on how to fill this out here. 

For our weekly paid staff we ask managers to fill out this paper form and send a copy through to .

Performance Framework

 Performance Framework meetings are some of the most important meetings you will be part of in LUU. They are a two way conversation between you and your manager to ensure that you have everything you need to develop and deliver in your role. 

Performance Framework Timetable

 Performance Framework Booklet 

All the Performance Frame work documents are housed in the Google Docs Template Gallery. 

Staff Changes

Staff changes may be a change in job title or salary, working hours or patterns, or if it’s a new role they will be taking on. This includes both temporary changes such as acting up and permanent changes.

Before consulting the staff member about these changes, you need to fill the staff changes form. If it’s approved, then you can consult your staff member. 

You can find the staff changes form on Google Docs, in the LUU HR section of the Template gallery.

To see a run through of the form, click here.

Dignity at work 

LUU is committed to creating a work environment free of harassment and bullying, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We have a Dignity at work policy that outlines our commitment to our People. If any member of LUU staff experience or witness incidents of bullying, harassment, or unwanted behaviour then we would encourage them to talk to their manager or the People team in the first instance. We also have a grievance procedure that you can use. 

Report and Support 

Our staff can use the Report and Support tool created by the University. 

Any reports concerning LUU will come directly to our People team. Please note, whilst there is the option to remain anonymous, doing so may reduce the ability of LUU to take any appropriate action. We would encourage you to raise any concerns directly with the People Team or your Line manager first, if you feel able to. 

Reasonable Adjustments Guidance 

Certain aspects of jobs, or conditions within the workplace can present as a barrier to someone with a health condition or a disability, which can result in them being disadvantaged. We as employers have a duty,  to make reasonable adjustments for people with a disability to help remove that disadvantage. 

To support our staff and mangers to understand the support available we have produced Reasonable Adjustments Guidance. 

Trade Unions

We work closely in partnership with two trade unions: UNISON and UNITE. You can find out more by following the links below.

"UNISON is the UK’s largest union, serving more than 1.3 million members. We represent full-time and part-time staff who provide public services, although they may be employed in both the public and private sectors. We represent members, negotiate and bargain on their behalf, campaign for better working conditions and pay and for public services."

"Unite is the union for the 21st century, meeting the greatest challenges facing working people today. It is a democratic and campaigning union, which fights back for employees in the workplace, protects workers' rights and takes trade unionism out to millions of unorganised workers."

Closed Days

LUU is closed for the eight statutory UK public holidays which are: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday, August Bank Holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

There will be other days when the Union is officially closed; these will be published at the start of each year. You can view the closed days and Bank Holidays here: Bank Holiday & Union Closed Days

Or, you can access these dates via the LUU Key Dates Calendar or in iTrent.

You can view a detailed explanation of staff holiday entitlement on our Staff Policy page: Holiday Entitlement 


Weekly Leavers : Please complete this form to confirm your resignation from your role at LUU, but only once you have confirmed resignation with your manager. Please provide all the information required in order for us to be able to process you as a leaver. Please note any outstanding holiday pay will be paid to you after your final payment. Once your P45 is generated, this will be automatically emailed to you.

Fill in the form here: Student Staff Leavers Form 

Career Staff: Here is a leavers checklist managers can use with their staff to ensure a smooth transition period. Leavers Checklist