Health and safety is boring right?! Nah, we think it just gets a bad rep.

Health and safety is all around us, every day,  and when it is going well we hardly notice it's presence at all. But when it goes wrong, well, let's just say it can be disastrous. We are committed to building a strong culture of Health and Safety in LUU, and we plan on using our values to help us, Empowering, Inclusive and Fun, yes, you read that correctly, we are going to make Health and Safety Fun. 

Every single member of staff in LUU is part of our Health and Safety Culture and will help us guide it, you are not just a passenger on this journey you are helping us build it. So full participation is important. Here is how you can get started: 

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy

Our Health and Safety policy is essential reading for all of our staff, aren't you pleased! 

EVERY member of LUU staff has some power to contribute towards Health and Safety and as Uncle Ben in Spiderman says 'With great power comes great responsibility'. 

Find out exactly what your responsibilities are and what you can expect from other staff in LUU by reading the policy. 

We update the policy every year so we will ask you to revisit this throughout your time at LUU. 

Risk Assessments 

A risk assessment is as simple as crossing the street. In fact that was probably the first time you did a risk assessment, when you first crossed the street. Look for the danger, find a way to mitigate it, job done! The only difference is you didn't write it down. 

We have Risk Assessments for your everyday work and for those more unusual or one off activities. You can view our current Risk assessments here (you must login to your google account to access these). 

You might be asked to write a Risk Assessment for activity you are doing in which case there is a course on Love to Learn you will complete during your induction called Hazard and Risk Identification that will give you the underlying principals. You can then use our Risk Assessment template to write up your Risk Assessment before you share it with all your Team. 


We work hard to ensure that LUU is a safe workplace but we recognise this doesn’t happen without the help and support of all our staff.  If you have a question, concern or idea related to Health and Safety in LUU we want to hear from you, this helps us to continually improve LUU and keep everyone safe.  If you would like to report an issue or concern there are a number of ways for you to do so; 

Accident/ Incident Reporting Form :  You can use this to report incidents related to LUU Activity on or off campus which have resulted in injury, illness, or property damage. 

Near Miss Reporting Form: You can use this to report incidents related to LUU Activity on or off campus which could have resulted in injury, illness, or property damage but for some reason or other did not.  

First Aid at LUU

Our First Aiders are Superhero's, they can provide assistance in the event of an accident or incident. You can see who they are in the list below. They have all completed a three day First aid at work qualification which they re-do every three years. 

Our First aid kits can be found with the Help and Support team, Co-op team, Old Bar team, Common ground team, Terrace team and Stylus team. We are fortunate to have one of five defibrillators on campus in our building and this is located in the foyer on the wall by the main exit.   

List Last updated  8/4/24

A-Z of Safety

Got a question about best practice when it comes to Health and Safety in LUU? Our A-Z has you covered with all the info you need. 

Health and Safety Reps 

There are two different types of Staff Rep in LUU but you can go to any of them if you have a question or concern. They all are invited to attend our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee meeting and feedback on staff concerns. 

Our Trade Union Reps are representatives of either Unison or Unite, the two recognised trade unions in LUU. Currently a University member of staff represents Unite in our meetings so you would need to contact the Branch directly for questions. We do have a member of LUU staff who represents Unison. They are: 

Emily Noble | Activities Team |

Our Staff Rep is not affiliated with a Trade Union, they are just a member of staff who loves a bit of safety and are committed to ensuring safe workplaces and practices. They are: 

Chris Mee | Tech Team |

If you are interested in representing the views of our staff team at the Health and safety committee then contact Sue Stones for more information. 

Screen Time

Many of our staff will have to use a screen as part of their daily work. Whilst using a screen does not cause permanent damage to eyes, long spells of screen use can lead to tired eyes, discomfort, temporary shortsightedness and headaches. Try out the following ideas to help avoid this.

Check out this handy guide Screen Usage & Responsible Digital Use, which is full of more useful tips on how to manage your screen time and adopt healthy habits.