Safe workplaces

If you have any questions on our Health & Safety provision please contact Lisa Johns

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Policy

LUU is committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, you can read our health and safety policy detailing roles and responsibilities via the link below.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a big part of Health, Safety and Wellbeing at LUU, we have Risk Assessments for your everyday work and for those more unusual or one off activities. Your manager will share these with you during your induction and keep you updated throughout your time here at LUU but you might be asked to write a Risk Assessment for activity you are doing. There is a course on Love to Learn you will complete during your induction called Hazard and Risk Identification that will give you the underlying principals. You can then use our Risk Assessment template to write up your Risk Assessment before you share it with all your Team.

Health & Safety Training

Every member of staff in LUU undertakes Health and safety training as part of their induction and then annual refreshers to make sure the knowledge is still all there, This training is tracked in our Love to Learn system.

A-Z of Safety

Musing about a Health and Safety matter?

Why not consult our Handy A-Z guides or see the whole lot in one document.

First aid at LUU

We have First aiders in LUU who enable us to provide assistance in the event of an accident or incident. Our First aid kits can be found with the Help and Support team, Co-op team, Old Bar team, Common ground team, Terrace team and Stylus team. We are fortunate to have one of five defibrillators on campus in our building and this is located in the foyer on the wall by the main exit.

If you should need a first aider then please contact Help and Support on extension number 400 or on channel 1 who will contact the on duty first aiders but the full list is as follows:

  • Dave Tyson - Duty Management Team

  • Dan Parkinson - Duty Management Team

  • Phil Hazlegrave - Duty Management Team

  • Kelsey Glynn - Duty Management Team

  • Luke Russell - Facilities Team

  • Paul Corcoran - Facilities Team

  • Ian Sawyer - Cleaning Team

  • Lynette Shaw - Cleaning Team

  • Kelsie Wooton - Cleaning Team

  • Mavis Frimpong - Cleaning Team

  • Liz Porritt - Help and Support

  • Jon Ball - Bars & Venues Department

  • Sam Ridings - Venues

  • Kate Hilditch - Events

  • Georgia Duffy - Old Bar

  • Jess McGraghan - Cafes

  • Rachel Winfield - People Team

  • Katharine Missin - Student Engagement

  • Melissa Kirby - Student Engagement

  • Shona Henley - Student Activities

List Last updated 11.9.20

Accident and Near Miss Reporting

If you need to report an accident then please use our Accident Reporting form once you have filled this out please hand it to the Duty Manager as soon as you can . If you had a near miss then we really want to know about it too, this helps us prevent future accidents. Please tell us using our Near Miss Report forms you can print some of these out to keep in your work spaces but there are paper copies in the Resource room on level 1 and the staff room. Once you have filled this out please use the postboxes in these two locations or hand a copy to the Duty managers.

Health and Safety Reps

Jo Barton is our Health and Safety Representative for Staff. They are there for you to report any issues or concerns that you may have regarding your working environment. Whether it is something broken, a hazard, or facilities issues, then please feel free to send them an email.

The representative will also be holding Monthly drop-in sessions where you can see Jo and Harry and report anything directly to them. This does not mean you cannot report anything in-between drop-ins.

The drop ins will be on the last Friday of every month in Pyramid Canteen between 3-5pm. There will always be one of them there unless we let you know beforehand!

Don't forget, you can also submit an anonymous form to the Health and Safety Reps, click here

Let's all work together to make the Union a safe and healthy place to work – as people who are in the thick of operations we need your feedback.