Coronavirus (COVID-19) News & Preparation

LUU's News & Preparation during the Coronavirus

These pages are designed to keep you updated and support you during different operating pattern whilst the Coronavirus affects the UK.

On every page, you will find our quick links are really helpful for those things you always need at your fingertips. If you are struggling to find anything, please get in touch with our People Team on

Our Senior Leadership Team review any new guidance issued by the Government as and when it is released. As circumstances change staff will be kept updated.

If you want to keep upto date with all the LUU news then take a look at our Weekly news page.

Business Return Process

As we begin the journey towards reopening LUU you can find all the latest updates and information here.

SLT Weekly Update

A weekly update from your Chief Exec and SLT Members

You can watch the video update for this week here.



The NHS promotes that there are 5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Take Notice and Give. Click on each of the buttons below to find pages packed with resources we've put together to help you look after yourself. We've added an extra page too, to help you stay safe at home.

Our principles

We have been guided in our decision making by three key principles.

  1. The need to provide key services to students

  2. The need to protect our staff and their wellbeing at this time

  3. Adapting services as we are legislated to do so and in partnership with the University of Leeds

What will happen next

The building is now closed, but LUU is still here to support our students virtually. The building is planned to reopen some of it's services on the 7th September.

Some staff will have been set up to work from home and they will continue to do so until further notice and some of our staff have been placed on Furlough.

Remote Working Assessment (direction to staff and managers)

This process must be completed by the individual and manager together BEFORE the individual can work from home.

The steps are:

  1. Go through the remote working assessment overview (also PDF)

  2. Including a discussion of the remote working risk assessment with manager (also PDF)

  3. Then, IF the individual is able to work at home the manager and the individual must completing the Remote Working Approval (Google form) together

  4. Your manager will then confirm IF you are able to work from home immediately

  5. On your first day working from home, you must complete the DSE Self-Assessment (Google form) about your workstation

  6. If following a discussion with your manager, you need DSE equipment delivering, please complete a DSE Equipment Request (Google form).

Your manager will communicate your new team working practice to you after the process is complete.