Covid-19 Updates

Living with Covid

As the final Covid restrictions have been removed in the UK we have reviewed the Government guidance and updated this page with details of how LUU will be managing Covid-19 as an ongoing respiratory illness. 

Just like every illness Covid-19 will effect our staff and their personal circumstances in different ways so if you have any specific concerns or health conditions then please speak to your manager. 

We will continue to monitor any changes to Government policy with regard to Covid-19 and use our internal communications to keep staff updated of any changes in the future. 


We no longer require staff to perform regular lateral flow tests for attending work. As the access to free lateral flow test has ended tests would likely incur a cost to the individual so we are not asking staff to test regularly or test themselves if they become symptomatic. 


We will no longer be recording Covid-19 related absence outside of our normal sickness monitoring. If a staff member is unwell because of a known or suspected  Covid-19 infection or for any other reason this should be reported to their manager and will be captured as part of our sickness absence monitoring in our staff systems. 

Self Isolation 

There is no longer a legal requirement to isolate if you are symptomatic or tested positive for Covid-19 however we are mindful that we want to keep our staff healthy so we have outlined what you might do if you are unwell or symptomatic. 

Sick Pay 

Please see our staff policies for details of our sickness payment policy. 

Face Masks 

We welcome any staff who wish to continue to wear face masks to do so but it is not mandatory for staff or users of the building to do so. We ask that everyone respects the personal choices that staff make in regard to face masks. 


We continue to encourage our staff to maintain high levels of personal hygiene to avoid any illnesses spreading amongst our staff. 

Our principles 

We have been guided in our decision making by three key principles.