Covid-19 Updates

Coronavirus News & Updates

This page is designed to keep you updated and supported during the different operating pattern whilst the Coronavirus affects the UK.

Our quick links are helpful for those links to things you always need at your fingertips. If you are struggling to find anything, please get in touch with our People Team on

Our Senior Leadership Team review any new guidance issued by the Government as and when it is released. As circumstances change staff will be kept updated.

If you want to keep up to date with all the LUU news then take a look at our Weekly news page.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Update

Read: Update from Sue Stones 28.04.21

"I wanted to revisit some of the information we have sent out over recent weeks and months to ensure that you are up to date with the Covid measures we have in place to protect everyone at LUU. As guidance is released as the road map progresses we will communicate to you any changes we may need to make. At this time we are unable to confirm what the details will be around additional mitigations for events from June 21st onwards. As soon as this information is available we will of course update you using the usual communication channels. However we can assure you that at all times the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and students is our priority."

Roadmap to Reopening

Sue Stones, Deputy CEO and Sophia Hartley, Welfare Officer, outline our plan for reopening the outlets in the union, based on the government's roadmap out of lockdown. Please be mindful that these dates are subject to change, based on the easing of restrictions.

You can view the written details of what opens when in this document here.

Updated Tuesday 09 March.

Reopened LUU - Members info

When we reopened the building in September we created this video for our student members to let them know just what we had done to keep everyone safe.

If you are coming back to the building to work over then next few months then you might find the information in this video useful and interesting. Especially if you have been missing your Common Ground Coffee or Old Bar Burger, take a look to see how you can still get that fix safely.

You can still find all the Staff guidance on this page and in our Return to LUU training on Love to Learn,

Our principles

We have been guided in our decision making by three key principles.

  1. The need to provide key services to students

  2. The need to protect our staff and their wellbeing at this time

  3. Adapting services as we are legislated to do so and in partnership with the University of Leeds

Staff Covid Testing

For staff whose role is critical to the building being able to operate, we emphasise the continual need to follow Covid secure measures whilst at LUU. We ask all staff to adhere to “Hands, Face, Space” disciplines whilst at work.

There is a new requirement for onsite staff to have access to regular Covid testing. Testing facilities are fully available to you and are located in our building with the testing operation taking place in the Refectory. You can book a test online at Book a Test Link for which you will need an @leeds email address. If you do not have one, your Team Leader will be able to support you in obtaining one and be able to guide you through this process.

Testing takes approximately 15-20 minutes and should be scheduled once a week. The time taken for the test and result is part of your paid shift. You will need to inform your Team Leader by telephone if you test positive and your Team Leader will inform the People Team through our established processes. You must not attend work if you test positive. Staff who receive a negative result can continue to work as normal.

At present staff will need to be tested once per week, however the frequency of this will be reviewed. If you are unsure of your managers contact telephone number call 0113 3801 363 or 0113 3801 362.

Updated Tuesday 05 January 2021.

Healthy, Happy & Safe

At LUU, we want to support our employees to be healthy, happy and safe. Click on each of the buttons below to find pages packed with resources we've put together to help you look after yourself.

Remote Working Assessment (direction to staff and managers)

This process must be completed by the individual and manager together BEFORE the individual can work from home.

The steps are:

  1. Go through the remote working assessment overview (also PDF)

  2. Including a discussion of the remote working risk assessment with manager (also PDF)

  3. Then, IF the individual is able to work at home the manager and the individual must completing the Remote Working Approval (Google form) together

  4. Your manager will then confirm IF you are able to work from home immediately

  5. On your first day working from home, you must complete the DSE Self-Assessment (Google form) about your workstation

  6. If following a discussion with your manager, you need DSE equipment delivering, please complete a DSE Equipment Request (Google form).

Your manager will communicate your new team working practice to you after the process is complete.