Covid-19 Updates

Coronavirus News & Updates

This page is designed to keep you updated and supported during the different operating pattern whilst the Coronavirus affects the UK.

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Our Senior Leadership Team review any new guidance issued by the Government as and when it is released. As circumstances change staff will be kept updated.

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Our principles

We have been guided in our decision making by three key principles.

  1. The need to provide key services to students

  2. The need to protect our staff and their wellbeing at this time

  3. Adapting services as we are legislated to do so and in partnership with the University of Leeds

Covid Passport Changes

Updated 16.09.21

We have reviewed our policy related to entrance to our nightclub and live music venues in line with the Government announcement yesterday by the Prime Minister. To help us do this we consulted with our Student Executive, LUU staff members in our venues team and with colleagues in the University. We have also looked at other late night operators in Leeds and at other Student Unions to ensure our decision relating to entry to these venues has been considered and is in line with advice and consistent with the industry standards.

It has always been the case that those attending our club and live music events have been asked to take personal responsibility for their covid status and be respectful of others by not attending if they are unwell or have symptoms of Covid. This will continue to be the case, however, we have taken the decision that we will no longer require proof of covid status for entry to our events. This brings our club and live music venues in line with our bars where proof of covid status has never been required. We hope that this will also help us to be a more inclusive venue, accessible to all, especially to those who have been unable to provide the required proof due to a lack of access to the NHS app. Our messaging at point of purchase and through our ticketing provider will continue to focus on the importance of ensuring negative covid status prior to attending through lateral flow tests.

We will continue to provide our staff with medical grade face masks and face shields and we have worked to ensure air quality is as good as we can make it, we also take CO2 readings during our events to further monitor the air quality during the events.

Should advice from the Government change in the future we will of course review this decision and we reserve the right to require proof of covid status in certain circumstances and if required by Government legislation.

Isolation Evidence

Updated 13.09.21

As time goes on, employees continue to be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service advising them to isolate due to covid. For some staff they will be able to work from home whilst isolating. If you are an operational member of staff and are unable to work you will continue to be paid during your period of isolation. In order to be eligible for pay you will be required to provide evidence of your track and trace notification. This can be via a screenshot photograph of the isolation message or isolation note. Please send this to your manager who will forward it on to the People Team.

Details on how a staff member can obtain an Isolation Note can be found on this request an isolation note from the NHS link.

Staying Safe Term one

Last updated 23.8.21


As Government guidance has changed in recent months, we want to reinforce our position on how staff should work in the LUU building to stay safe as we move into term one. The Government approach has changed over recent months with a focus on personal judgement to manage our own risk.

We wish to restate our current position on Covid secure measures for the avoidance of any confusion whilst working in the building. We are committed to maintaining Covid security in the workplace so please the drop down boxes below and ask your team leader if you have any questions.

We are now living and working more freely and the vaccination programme and its success have given us the confidence to live a more normal life. As we do this it's important to remember that Covid 19 is still present and the new Delta variant is more infectious and easier to spread. Although vaccination gives us significant protection it does not safeguard against catching or spreading Covid 19 completely.

It’s important to continue to be aware of the risks of Covid 19 as we live our daily lives. By adding in additional mitigations on top of vaccination in high-risk areas such as crowded places or in close contact we can reduce the risk of Covid 19 further. We have measures in place in LUU to reduce the risk to our staff. By adding in additional mitigations you can reduce still further the risk of infection, or of having to self isolate, to yourself and others.

Social Distancing

For staff whose role is critical to the building being able to operate, we emphasise the continual need to follow Covid secure measures whilst at LUU. We ask all staff to adhere to “Hands, Face, Space” disciplines whilst at work.

Staff should continue to observe a social distance at work, where they can, and we advise the use of additional mitigation measures when in close contact with others such as improving ventilation and mask-wearing.

Workstations in offices will continue to be socially distanced at 2m+. This enables staff at workstations to work without the necessity of wearing a mask. Offices are set up with workstations at the correct distance, please use only those desks within the offices. Extra desks marked with ‘do not use’ are not available as workstations, these should not be used.

Only one person per workstation at any time, this includes when on video calls. You should not share a laptop or desktop to make video calls or for any other reason. Always attend video conferencing calls from your own workstation and be socially distant from others.

Clear perspex screens which have been installed across the Union will remain in place and will not be removed.

Mask Wearing

We ask you to be considerate of others who may have a different attitude to risk than yourself and who may feel more comfortable wearing a mask or keeping socially distant. Don’t assume others are comfortable with close contact, please check with them and respect their wishes.

We advise staff to wear a mask if they are not at their workstation. We are providing medical-grade masks for staff, these are available from the Duty Management team or from Help and Support. Wearing a mask adds an additional layer of protection against Covid 19 and it’s particularly important to wear a mask when in close proximity to others. Mask wearing in LUU is not mandatory but it is advised.

In operational areas, staff are advised to wear a mask when they are unable to socially distance. In narrow areas e.g. behind bars, till points, and counters masks are advised to be worn. Masks and visors will continue to be mandatory for staff working in Stylus, at club nights and live music events.

Lateral Flow Tests

We ask that you continue to take regular lateral flow tests, at least once a week but if you can we encourage you to do this more often. Please do not come to work if you feel unwell. If you have symptoms of Covid 19 stay home and get a PCR test.

If you are attending a group training session please take a lateral flow test within 24hours of attending, it’s likely that you will be in close contact with others in these sessions. If it makes you feel more comfortable please wear a mask and/or speak with your meeting facilitator about your concerns.


Hand hygiene is still important and relevant, please continue to observe high standards of hand hygiene whilst at work.

Offices and spaces in the building have sanitising stations with wipes, gel and tissues. Please ensure that you use these to clean any desk spaces or meeting rooms chairs and tables before and after use.

Self Isolation Rules

From Monday 16 August 2021 new guidelines for self-isolation are in place.

If you have symptoms of Covid you must not attend work and should seek a PCR test, only return to work if your PCR test is negative.

You do not need to self-isolate unless you are contacted by Test and Trace and told to do so.

If someone you live with has symptoms of Covid-19 or has tested positive or if you are contacted by track and trace then you do not need to self-isolate if;

  • You’re fully vaccinated (14 days after your final dose of a Covid 19 Vaccine) or

  • You’re not able to get vaccinated for medical reasons.

If you are told to self-isolate by track and trace you must do so. You should seek a PCR test and continue to self-isolate until you have received a negative result. If you have a negative PCR test and if you are fully vaccinated you may return to work. We will require proof of your negative PCR test and your vaccine status when you return to work.

If someone you work with has tested positive for Covid 19 and you are confirmed as a close contact in the 48 hours before they tested positive we will contact you to inform you of this. You do not need to self-isolate unless test and trace advises you to do so. We ask that you do not attend work if you feel unwell, and that you follow advice on how to avoid catching and spreading Covid 19 such as social distancing, wearing a mask and hand hygiene. Continue to carry out your regular lateral flow tests as normal.

Can we work from LUU?

LUU is open and welcoming students in the building. Our commercial areas are trading and our spaces are available for students to book and use. Whilst we expect the building to be quieter in the summer months we are expecting the numbers to pick up from the start of term one and throughout the semester.

All teams in LUU have been allocated office space to use, this is a restricted number of desks for them to work from when in the building. This is currently being managed by the team leaders. We would encourage teams to use these spaces and have a presence in the building where appropriate. This allows teams to connect with students and activity on campus but also to interact with their colleagues.

In person meetings are allowed in LUU so long as you adhere to our covid safety guidance, the full policy is here LUU Covid-19 Safe working practices and procedure. We would ask that groups or teams that are meeting do so either completely in person or completely online. A mixture of the two is not recommended for quality reasons.

Healthy, Happy & Safe

At LUU, we want to support our employees to be healthy, happy and safe. Click on each of the buttons below to find pages packed with resources we've put together to help you look after yourself.

Remote Working Assessment (direction to staff and managers)

This process must be completed by the individual and manager together BEFORE the individual can work from home.

The steps are:

  1. Go through the remote working assessment overview (also PDF)

  2. Including a discussion of the remote working risk assessment with manager (also PDF)

  3. Then, IF the individual is able to work at home the manager and the individual must completing the Remote Working Approval (Google form) together

  4. Your manager will then confirm IF you are able to work from home immediately

  5. On your first day working from home, you must complete the DSE Self-Assessment (Google form) about your workstation

  6. If following a discussion with your manager, you need DSE equipment delivering, please complete a DSE Equipment Request (Google form).

Your manager will communicate your new team working practice to you after the process is complete.